Top-up Bachelor program


A Top-up degree is equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate degree. These courses are aimed at students who have previously completed a related foundation level degree and they provide a route for students to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. Upon successful finish of Top Up program we would issue to student our Bachelor level diploma.


The Bachelor’s top-up takes 1 years and are for students who have already completed two years University degree program or some similar program. By completing a two years degree program and the top-up program, you will obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

The program is taught in English.

All study programs offered by VERN' University are recognised by the Croatia State and can be used as accreditation for further academic studies.

In order to start a Top-up course with VERN' University your home University has to have a valid agreement of cooperation signed with VERN’ and you must have completed one of the following:

  • Two years of a relevant BA degree from a recognised institution; or
  • A relevant Higher National Diploma (HND) from a recognised institution.