International cooperation

Students of the German University of Aalen at VERN developed a new Driver’s Coach for the next generation of luxury hypercars

International cooperation

During the program, students visited RIMAC TECHNOLOGY / RIMAC-BUGATTI, Miret and the Croatian-German Chamber of Industry.

A group of students from Germany’s Aalen University has recently visited VERN’ University for the fourth time as part of the week-long Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program.

It is a program implemented by VERN ’for students from this partner university, and consists of lectures and workshops on the introduction to entrepreneurship and innovation, business model planning, digital business transformation and strategic agility, and design thinking workshop.

The group included students from the graduate studies of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. A visit and field classes was organized for the students in which they were introduced to the operations and innovative solutions of the company RIMAC TECHNOLOGY / RIMAC-BUGATTI, then the start-up Miret and the work of the Croatian-German Chamber of Industry.

Lectures on this program were given by our lecturer M.Sc. Gordana Ćorić and Vedran Antoljak. Before the lecture, the students were given a task to prepare and get acquainted with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology. This was a necessary step as they were working on the elements of their final task during the program - developing the concept and business model for the new Driver’s Coach for the next generation of luxury hypercars, as well as presenting solutions to potential investors.

"All this was new to us engineers, but we quickly realized what business models and digital transformation are. We were introduced to the Design Thinking methodology for the first time, but we really liked it, we will try to use it as much as possible ", said one of the students.

"It is always a pleasure to get the opportunity to introduce students from non-economic faculties to entrepreneurship, creative techniques such as design thinking and tools for creating business models. It is interesting to notice changes in their thinking at the end of the program, when based on new knowledge they start thinking about the realization of their business ideas, "said lecturer Ćorić.

Lecturer Antoljak added that "it was interesting to follow the development of students solutions to the given challenge, as it was a path from expected, safe and already seen solutions through the adoption of feedback from mentors and suggestions for improvement, to fresh, new solutions."

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Date of publication: May 12, 2022