VERN’s Representatives spoke at an international conference on entrepreneurial learning


Our lecturer Marija Volarević and our student Marija Galijatović presented the results of their research.

At the recent 10th International Conference on Entrepreneurial Learning "ICEL", the results of research conducted by our lecturer Marija Volarević and our student Marija Galijatović were presented.

At the conference, our lecturer Marija Volarević presented the results and pointed out that their work dealt with the role of digital influencers in product promotion in Croatia.

"At the conference, we talked a lot about new business models in the development of entrepreneurship. In this process, social media has imposed itself as significant in personal communication (P2P), but also in business communication with users (B2C) and vice versa, users with companies (C2B) since traditional marketing and standard online advertising do not fully meet the needs of users. Companies use different approaches to attract the attention of consumers and promote their products and services in an innovative way. Using influencers in this context is precisely this innovative way, "said our lecturer after the conference.


Communication Department


Date of publication: December 3, 2020