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Corporate innovations VERN's Erasmus exchange students introduced to corporate innovations at Corp2in Conference in Zagreb

Erasmus exchange students from Finland, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, who are spending a semester studying at VERN', attended the conference Corporation Innovation and Intrapreneurship 2017 (Corp2in) held in Zagreb on November 9th.

The visit was organized as a field trip within the Erasmus course of Dynamic Entrepreneurship held by lecturer Gordana Ćorić, M.Sc. and it was a unique opportunity for the students to find out about the trends in Croatian innovative entrepreneurial community, as well as an opportunity to exchange opinions and contacts with a few of VERN’s lecturers and alumni who participated at the conference such as Emir Džanić, Goran Radman, etc.

At the conference our foreign colleagues were given an overview of the differences between innovation cultures, ecosystems and innovation environments in Norway and Croatia, learned how to approach the innovation process and how to create innovative capacity but also, which Croatian companies develop their competitive advantage by stimulating innovations.

Besides that, this was an opportunity for some students to get more familiar with the term “intrapreneurship“ and they showed a lot of interest in the advice on how to manage the dynamics of business growth and how to retain the most creative employees.

The conference was inspiring and with many interesting participants. It was good to hear success stories about intrapreneurship since I was not that familiar with the topic. I would recommend this conference to anyone interested in innovation and intrapreneurship

by Lauri-Juhani Setälä, student from Finland

Attending the conference was a nice experience and I think I learned a lot about corporate ways of thinking. The atmosphere was very stimulating

by Kasper Arnivaara, student from Finland
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Photographs: Petar Vučetić

Date of publication: November 15, 2017