Theory in business practice

VERN' students were introduced to the departments and organizational structure of the Hilton Zagreb Hotel

Theory in business practice

Students will apply the knowledge acquired in cooperation with hotel experts in professional internships and business careers.

As part of the elective courses Hotel Management and Management and Marketing of Restaurants and Bars, third-year students of VERN’s undergraduate study Tourism visited the prestigious Double Tree Hotel by Hilton Zagreb as part of their fieldwork.

Accompanied by our lecturers Martina Majić and Jadranka Musulin, Ph.D. students had the task of acquiring experiential knowledge, which will serve as a preparation for professional practice and their upcoming entry into the business world.

At the Hilton Hotel, they were greeted by VERN’s lecturer Ivan Gašpert, M.Sc. , director of corporate sales and marketing who introduced students to the departments and organizational structure. Students were hosted by a team of Hilton experts consisting of the hotel director, food & beverage manager, reception manager, and IT coordinator.

They presented to the students how the formation of organizational units is established, i.e. teams to perform complex and coordinated work tasks. They emphasized that the quality of the organization, and thus the hotel services themselves, depend on the skills and knowledge of the management, but also on the created organizational structure and especially on employees who are in direct contact with guests.

In this field trip, students saw how information technology is used in the hotel industry and its importance for stable business, which directly benefits them in learning and preparing for business careers since the students themselves had the opportunity to meet the world's most famous hotel Opera system.

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Date of publication: June 6, 2022