Online guest lecture

The director of Humana Nova gave a lecture for our students on reinvesting profits in the sustainable development of the company

Humana Nova

The students saw how the business of a company that employs marginalized social groups works.

An online guest lecture for VERN ’University students was held on the topic of reinvesting profits in sustainable development of a company as part of the Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation course with the lecturer M.Sc. Gordana Ćorić.

Guest lecturer Ivan Božić, the director of social cooperative Humana Nova from Čakovec, presented the students with the concepts of reinvesting profits in the demanding textile industry - how to manage new job openings, purchase of machines, payment of salaries, etc.

Through this lecture, students learned how a very specific company with 42 employees operates, including people with disabilities and people from marginalized social groups.

Mr. Božić also explained to them how their model of textile waste management works, including the collection, reuse, and recycling of textile surpluses to create new value. He also talked about the ownership structure of the Humana Nova Cooperative.

After an interesting lecture in which students gained a useful insight about the ways of doing business and caring for society, they shared some of their impressions.

The advantage of social entrepreneurship is in encouraging the development not only of the company but of its environment and the creation of an atmosphere in which we encourage others to innovate.

Today's speaker and the topic itself were very interesting and it would be nice to have more guests like this.

One of the most interesting and useful guest lectures that I listened to in my current schooling.

By their way of doing business, this company shows how much they care about their employees and that they are most important to them. They enable companies that do not employ people with disabilities to avoid certain penalties by purchasing their products.”

Their impact is greater than expected given the well-educated workers who create new ideas and work together to use resources in the most efficient and effective possible way.

Communication Department

Date of publication: May 26, 2021