Innovation, entrepreneurship, security

Professional contribution of VERN’s lecturers in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and security

Innovation, entrepreneurship, security

In last couple of months, our lecturers have given their professional contribution to international discussions on very important social and economic topics, from innovation to globalization and security.

At the end of September VERN’s lecturers, assistant professor Nikolina Borčić, Ph.D. and Marija Slijepčević held presentations at the 2nd International Summer School "Security and Communication in a Globalized World - Creation of Spaces“. The exchange of international knowledge and experiences was held online. All four days of the discussion were followed by more than a hundred participants from a total of six Croatian and Indonesian universities: VERN University, University of Zagreb, Croatian Military Academy "Dr. Franjo Tuđman”, Lampung University, Warmadewa University and President University.

At the invitation of the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) in Nagpur (India), our lecturer Gordana Ćorić, M.Sc., participated in the International Online Workshop on Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (I WISE), held in June this year.

As part of the program, a number of national Indian experts, trained as part of the SILICE (Social Innovation for Local Indian and Israeli Communities and Graduate Entrepreneurs) project, held mini-workshops on social entrepreneurship, social innovation and related topics. Our lecturer, Gordana Ćorić, M.Sc., accepted the organizers’ invitation and held an online workshop “Practicing: Problem and Solution(s) Recognition and Importance of Having the Ecosystem in Place”.

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Date of publication: October 5, 2020