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Virtual Coffee: VERN’s students acquired emotion and motivation management skills at a webinar

Virtual Coffee

Our students were offered useful advice by two psychologists from the @ ZAM.isli platform.

How to manage emotions? How do you get motivated for academic success but also for business development? Is it good to seek advice of others in these extraordinary circumstances in which the whole world finds itself currently?

At another Virtual Coffee, VERN’s students received valuable advice from two psychologist with a master's degree in psychology, Zrinka Štetić Grubišić, and Ana Žulec from the ZAMisli platform. Zrinka and Ana introduced students to the skills of managing emotions and motivation, the concept of happiness. They showed students how to improve concentration and how to use social networks for useful purposes.

The conversation emphasized that mental health care is important and that it is completely right to seek help, especially because student life has its challenges and is sometimes difficult to deal with. The guests also shared their study experiences and understanding of the obstacles that students face and encouraged students to take responsibility for their own happiness.

"As a person to whom young people turn for help, we need to be aware of the weight they are experiencing today due to extraordinary circumstances, there is certainly a sense of limitation in achieving goals. Every young person should be aware that in fact, nothing but themselves can constrain them in achieving their goals. If you want to achieve something, expand your horizon and imagine whatever you want, because even the impossible can become possible, "said Ana Žulec.

"Although, the working title of this webinar was 'Are we condemned to be unhappy', its purpose was to show students how and with what techniques to become happier and more satisfied," explained Nataša Jeličić from VERN's Student Counseling, who moderated the webinar.

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Date of publication: March 29, 2021