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Virtual Coffee meeting at VERN’: Students learn how to prepare for an online interview with an employer

 Student counseling

The guest of the first event within the Student Counseling Center was Sara Madjer, Human Resources specialist from the Q agency.

What do job or internship interviews with employers look like today? How much has the application of technological solutions influenced the way the interview is conducted? How to prepare for an interview and how to show an employer that you are the best choice for a new employee or intern?

These were the topics of the first Virtual Coffee event within VERN’s Student Counseling Center, hosted by Sara Madjer, Human Resources specialist from the Q agency, and moderated by Nataša Jeličić, Head of the Office for student work placement. Since it was an online conversation, students learned about the so-called tips and tricks on how to best prepare for an online interview for an internship or a job. They also learned firsthand what the candidate selection process looks like and the most common mistakes candidates make when applying for an internship or a job.

"As cliché as it sounds, I really think that the young shall inherit the earth. Organizations need to give young people more opportunities to gain experience, invest in, mentor and develop new potential. I advise all young people just entering the job market to learn, work on themselves, keep up the spirit and always try to stay positive. Every beginning is difficult and success comes slowly," said the guest thanking for the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge from Q with students.

Q agency is one of the fastest growing Croatian IT companies in Europe, co-owned by VERN’s alumni Vedran Tolić. In the six years of their existence, they have created 160 new jobs, and according to Clutch, the world's leading research agency for ranking IT companies, Q is one of the 20 best web development companies in the world, among the top ten in Europe and the best B2B company in Croatia.

The interest and engagement of students during the "virtual coffee" confirmed their interest in this type of content, which is always useful because it comes from the real sector and allows them to meet potential employers. Preparing students for the labor market is a fundamental premise of professional studies and it is an integral part of the academic process at VERN’.

This is why VERN’ was one of the first in Croatia to introduce mandatory work placement in the study curriculum, and that the network of practitioners includes a number of renowned companies and institutions in which our students can do their work placement.

 Student counseling

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Date of publication: December 1, 2020