An entrepreneurial story



Two brothers Domagoj and Hrvoje created a unique product - sneakers made of natural materials: corn, hemp, flax, cork tree, wool, eucalyptus, and cotton.

Our alumni Domagoj Boljar developed an interesting and environmentally conscious start-up project MIRET, i.e. ecologically advanced sneakers.

Ever since the project went through the incubation process, last year Domagoj and his brother Hrvoje launched and branded these unique sneakers, and customers from all over the world have been contacting them. The product is truly unique - it is made of 97 % natural materials.

"The fashion industry is changing rapidly towards sustainability. Our role is to continuously make consumers aware of the environmental impact of the fashion and footwear industry. This will put pressure on the industry to transform even faster, and towards a green future. I think that we have already played a significant role in that in Croatia" Domagoj explained.

Brothers are certainly working to raise awareness of consumers and the industry regarding environmental sustainability. It is best shown by the fact that they use materials such as corn, hemp, linen, cork tree, wool and cotton in the production of their sneakers, while they get natural rubber from the rubber tree. The interest of Croatian consumers is growing. Foreign clientele has recognized the originality of this unique product.

"Buyers from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the United States on the foreign markets show the most interest. For now, we are present exclusively through our own web shop. Also, we have just been admitted to the most important e-commerce platform in the DACH region, the German Avocado, so we are planning significant growth on that market. Our strategy has been a 'direct-to-consumer' model via the Internet from the beginning. We do not plan to sell through distributors in local stores," Domagoj added in the end.

We wish them a lot of success with this innovative product, and we believe that they will surprise us again soon with news about their MIRET sneakers.

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Date of publication: February 24, 2021