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Foreign students at VERN’ – experiences and impressions

Since 2011 VERN’ University of Applied Sciences is a part of the Erasmus exchange programme of the European Commission for the mobility of students and academic professionals. So far students from almost 70 countries like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Finland, etc. have studied on our study programmes and courses. We bring you their experiences and impressions in a series of articles about studying in Croatia and at VERN’.

I chose VERN' and Zagreb because I study Management in France so this have looked like an opportunity to study similar courses in a different city than Split which I have seen so far during my first visit to Croatia. A tip for new Erasmus students – find your accommodation in Zagreb early enough. I didn’t, so I had to stay in a hotel for first couple of days.

by Adrien Maillet (Lille Catholic University, France)

I chose VERN' because when I went into their webpage and I have seen the content on the Erasmus section, I have been surprised. Every detail have been explained so good and very well focused – it was one of the universities with the best Erasmus section. Do I have some useful tips for newcomers? Well, lecturers at VERN's are so kind and willing to help you to acquire news knowledge; Zagreb offers great opportunity to travel around because it's in the middle of Europe; so far I have started to feel this city as my second home.

by Andrea Jácome Boo (Universidade de Vigo, Spain)

I study Communication at my home University so I wanted to go somewhere where I will have the opportunity to learn about the same courses . All of the courses offered at VERN' have suited me just fine and I was a good decision. This exchange had made me live and do everything by myself. You can’t just always Google things. No, you just have to go and see how it works in real life.

by Anouk Merckens (Avans University of Applied Science, The Netherlands)

I chose Croatia because I wanted to go to some country in Eastern Europe. Then I have seen some photos of Croatia and I have thought this would be a good place to stay. I enjoy studying at this university because the classes are not very numerous, some of them are very participative and I am learning very useful things for my future career.

by Cristina Anguita (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)

Zagreb and VERN' will offer you a great Erasmus atmosphere. Food is great, people are nice and it's really nice to live and study here. So far I can say the Erasmus exchange have bring me to self-realization and mind peace.

by Guillermo Delgado Trapero (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)

I chose Croatia because I have been here before and really liked the country. Now that I have been able to discover the coast during summer time, and the mountains during winter time I like it even more. I study Small Business and Retail Management at my home country and VERN’ have appealed to me because of its great references. Croatian people are all surprisingly friendly and their English is quite good, and even if it’s not they are always willing to try to help you.

by Joris van Cromvoirt (Avans University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)

I have choose this destination because it’s much more different than the usual ones (Germany, UK, etc.) and because it’s not a big country which allows me to travel and visit other countries in one or two days. For all future Erasmus exchange students, I would recommend them to find an apartment near the city centre because that way they will avoid using trams and the most important things are located nearby. I would also suggest them to join ESN Zagreb because they organize many events and trips that are quite good and they will enjoy it.

by Tania García Mena (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)

I have decided to go to VERN' since it have a great cooperation with my home University. And Croatia? Well, because it’s in a good location to travel to other countries which is what I love the most, as you can see from what I am studying – Tourism, travel and leisure. Any tips for new Erasmus students? So far the Erasmus exchange had given me the chance to open my mind a little more, learn from different cultures, not only the Croatian one, but also the ones from my friends who are from different countries, because even though we are all from Europe, we are all pretty different.

by Marina Simón Vicente (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)

Communication Department

Foreign students at VERN’ – experiences and impressions

Communication Department

Date of publication: August 23, 2018