International student exchange

ERASMUS experiences of VERN’s foreign students

What is it like to study in Zagreb, what does Zagreb bring to foreign students and what are their experiences after the semester of studying at VERN 'University? We bring in the first series of short reports by ERASMUS students

Two years ago, I visited Croatia and fell in love with this country, its landscape, food, people. That’s why I decided to come back here on the international student exchange. I really enjoyed studying at VERN’, the professors were very professional and approachable, they care a lot about the students. Although I have already been to Croatia, ERASMUS has given me the opportunity to further explore Croatia and discover new, amazing places. I would recommend that all students take advantage of the international exchange programs as they will have an incredible experience and will meet new people from different countries. ERASMUS taught me a lot about how to be independent, I came out of my "comfort zone" and I improved my English. In Zagreb, I liked the gastronomy and good atmosphere the most.

Rocío Pérez, Spain, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

I chose Croatia because it is a beautiful country where you can travel on a low budget. I chose VERN’ University because it offers a wide range of interesting courses. Zagreb is a great city to study because it offers a lot of activities, activities for ERASMUS students, which is great for meeting people. Also, Zagreb is close to great places such as the national park Plitvice Lakes. In addition to lectures, we had time to explore the city and its surroundings. VERN’ University is a great place to study, the courses and professors were great. Although Croatia has more relaxed COVID-19 measures, I felt very safe. This was my first visit to Croatia and I recommend ERASMUS to everyone - Zagreb offers a lot of activities and time passes very quickly. The exchange gave me confidence, better knowledge of English and a lot of new acquaintances. I would recommend this experience to everyone.

Louise Draux, Belgium, Haute École Albert Jacquard Département Pédagogique

Zagreb’s student life is great: the schedule of lectures gave us the opportunity to hang out, have coffee and explore the city. I chose Croatia for the exchange because I had already visited it and I really liked the country. I chose VERN’ University because it offers a great program. I especially liked the people in Croatia, because they are kinder than in Paris. Regarding COVID-19 and the measures that were in place in Croatia, I felt safe. I would recommend the exchange to everyone, especially because of the experience, walking around the city, enjoying the parks. Even in the evening and at night I felt very safe. International exchange has given me the experience of meeting new people from different countries, till know I have not had such an experience. At the exchange I discovered new cultures, a new way of living and studying, I perfected my English and I made international friends.

Camille Boullier, France, ISCOM

Office for International Cooperation

Date of publication: June 19, 2021