International cooperation

VERN' University of Applied Sciences becomes a member of International Association of Universities (IAU)


In July 2018, VERN' University of Applied Sciences became a member of International Association of Universities (IAU). Founded in 1950, under the auspices of UNESCO, the International Association of Universities (IAU) is the leading global association of higher education institutions and organisations from around the world. IAU brings together its Members from more than 130 countries for reflection and action on common priorities..

IAU is an independent, bilingual (English and French), non-governmental organization. IAU is an official partner of UNESCO (Associate status). It acts as the voice of higher education to UNESCO and other international higher education organizations, and provides a global forum for leaders of institutions and associations..

Its services are available on the priority basis to Members but also to organisations, institutions and authorities concerned with higher education, as well as to individual policy and decision-makers, specialists, administrators, teachers, researchers and students..

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Date of publication: July 20, 2018