International cooperation

Students at VERN´ and Stenden University Netherlands collaborate on a project for the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art's education department


The study visit of our Dutch colleagues included marketing, tourism and teaching activities.

A group of 3rd year students of communication science from Stenden University in the Netherlands, together with their lecturers, visited VERN´ in mid-January to work with our students on a study project covering marketing, tourism and teaching activities.

In collaboration with our second-year undergraduate students they worked on a project to develop a Facebook strategy proposal for the education department of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), while freshmen took Dutch colleagues on a tour of Zagreb.

As part of the teaching activities, the Dutch lecturers gave an interesting lecture for our students called "Social Influence & Creating Infographics", while our lecturer Branka Šuput, together with the first-year students of Public Relations, gave a theme lecture for the students of Stenden.

We were pleased to host our foreign Erasmus partners on this interstudy project and we look forward to our future collaboration.

Communication Department


Date of publication: January 28, 2020