Student films

The screening of feature, animated, and documentary films by VERN students was held at the Tuškanac Cinema

 Student films

"These films are the result of students' work, mostly in their second year, mentored by their lecturers. Some films were realized as final and graduation theses."

Public screenings of short feature, documentary, and animated films were held at the Tuškanac Cinema by VERN University students of undergraduate study program of Film, Television and Multimedia Design and graduate study program of Film and Television Directing and Production.

A total of eight films were screened, and as screenings were not possible at the same time last year, only part of last year's opus was screened, while this year's films were premiered.

The films were completely developed and realized by the students of art studies at VERN University, mentored by lecturers Neven Hitrec, Vinko Brešan, while Kristijan Milić mentored directing and Ivan Maloča production.

"These films are the result of students' work, mostly second-year students, who were mentored by their lecturers. Some films were realized as a final and graduation thesis. We are especially glad that the esteemed Croatian actors as well as promising young actors regularly respond to the invitation of our students to enrich their film achievements with their acting experience, and by coming to the screenings they made this day even more significant for the students.

Given the encouragement of inter-study cooperation at VERN ’University, next academic year we will be joining in the production of second-year undergraduate students of Transmedia Dramaturgy,” said the head of art studies at VERN’s University, assistant professor Ozana Ramljak, Ph.D.

This year's screening:

  • Yellow Bridge (Protagonists in the film: Boris Obratov, Nada Čogelja / Director and producer: Antonio David Perina)
  • Passages (Protagonists: Laura Kobas, Anita Kobas / Director, cinematographer, and editor: Sebastijan Kobas)
  • Belot (Actors: Viktorija Matko, Lara Mahmuljin Udovicic, Jadran Grubisic, Hrvoje Mandic / Director: Hrvoje Mandic)
  • Goose and Capricorn (Actors: Danijela Evđenić, Vibor Kreković / Director: Sara Ludoški Hodak)
  • Between Us (Actors: Ema Mašić, Nikša Kušelj, Ksenija Pajić, Jelena Jovanova Perić, Mirela Brekalo / Director and screenwriter: Dora Baotić)
  • Until Death Take Us Together (Actors: Sara Stanić, Paško Vukasović / Director: Lino Pečur)
  • Bond (Actors: Damian Humski, Borna Brkić, Domagoj Pašalić, Katarina Ravkin, Klara Vučković / Director: Matija Jakopec)
  • New Ark (Author: Rene Ipša)

 Student films
 Student films

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Photographs: Jan Humski

Date of publication: June 19, 2021