Cooperation with the economy


The knowledge that students acquire through such collaborations is applicable in the business environment and brings them closer to employers.

At the beginning of March, VERN’ students were given a project assignment by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in order to acquire new knowledge and skills that will be very useful in the business world after graduation.

Although economic activities and classical classroom education was suspended - the creativity, organization, perseverance and engagement of our students and their mentors did not stop, and student project solutions for the Croatian Chamber of Commerce were completed and presented online within deadlines.

Students who participated in solving the project task were gathered from several different subjects and several graduate studies:

  • Strategic Management (Entrepreneurial Management and Accounting and Finance),
  • Branding Strategy (Managing Business communication),
  • Organizational Behavior (Managing Business communication)

Throughout the process students were supported by business mentors from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Marina Cvirn Jurčec, Ana Popovac and Sandra Cindrić and academic mentors and lecturers Marijana Šimundža Golemac, M.Sc., assistant professor Jadranka Ivanković, Ph.D. and assistant professor Maja Kolega, Ph.D.

Finding solutions to specific problems in cooperation with successful Croatian companies is part of VERN's unique project of cooperation with the economy called #EducationmeetsBusiness, and part of the concept of "partner companies".

In this way, all key stakeholders benefit - students can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in solving specific business problems and meet potential employers, while the partner company gets a lot of fresh ideas and meets gifted and promising students.

Communication Department


Date of publication: June 25, 2020