Visiting lecture

The founder of Body Creator brand held a talk on innovativeness in business

Students at VERN’ undergraduate study program Entrepreneurship Economics within the course Dynamic Entrepreneurship attended a visiting lecture on the importance of innovative products and services in doing business.

The guest speaker was the initiator of BODY CREATOR brand, Ljiljana Kukec, chairperson of the Croatian Franchise Association and a lecturer at Luxemburg University as well as a lecturer of Franchising at VERN’.

During the talk the students got an insight into how to finance a new business and business growth, utilize growth strategies, recognize early signs of business problems, integrate social responsibility into doing business, what the possible harvest strategies are and how social and economic trends can influence the development of a business organization.

The speaker pointed out how important it is to insist on innovativeness of products and services, listen carefully to clients and implement their feedback in the business development, respect employees and enable them to participate in the company’s development. She also talked about the difficulties she had to face to finance the company development, her experiences with alternative ways of financing, the process of selling her own business and what she learned in the process.

The students’ interest in the topic and learning based on real life business examples is best reflected in their comments after the talk:

A very educational talk and selfless sharing of extremely useful business experience. Stories such as this one motivate us never to give up on what we really like doing, and our teacher’s successful brand is a living proof of that.

by (Mia)

I believe the lecturer is right when she says the we best learn from our own mistakes. Regarding market niches, I feel it used to be much easier to find one in the past because of market saturation. During the talk I understood that franchising is very profitable if we come up with a good business concept and a desire to expand and we don’t have sufficient financial means.

by (Patrik)

I was very satisfied with the lecture because the entrepreneur talked about her entrepreneurial experiences in a very open and interesting way.

by (Lara)

I liked the way she talked about her successes but also the situations where she made mistakes so we can learn from that. I also liked the stories about her entrepreneurial beginnings that are encouraging because they show that everyone can find the courage to venture into entrepreneurship.

by (Ivan)

Communication Department


Date of publication: February 14, 2018