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Our colleague Davorin Štetner becomes the youngest holder of Formula 1 TV rights

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Our colleague Davorin Štetner, director of Kreator Group, managed to outrival the biggest market competitors and purchase television rights to Formula 1 races in Croatia, which made him the youngest holder of F1 TV rights in the world. All lovers of the “octane circus” will be able to follow broadcasts of this season’s races on nine local and regional TV channels, cooperators of Kreator Group (NeT, Osječka TV, TV Istra, Kanal RI, TV Jadran and VOX from Zadar). While the race lovers will be able to enjoy the races, Davorin says that now he is facing uncertainty.
Davorin proved his entrepreneurial skills shortly after he had enrolled at VERN', when he founded a web design company, Kreator.

The company started developing and expanding its activities, so our colleague later decided to launch a local newspaper and buy TV Plus  broadcasting station from Jaska, which he still co-owns today. Despite millions of kunas of debts, he managed to build sustainable foundations for this TV station and develop the business further. As far as Formula 1 broadcasts are concerned, they will be significantly different now, since three trainings will be broadcast, the qualifying race and the actual race itself, preceded and followed by a specialized show. It is often said that the crisis does not yield threats, but rather opportunities, and our colleague has demonstrated this. To be exact, in this year of recession, the state-owned television has decided to save precisely purchasing commercial rights to Formula 1.

Once again, we congratulate our colleague and wish him the best of luck!

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Photographs: Željko Jelenski (Lider)