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VERN' alumni

VERN’ Alumni continues a successful production career and explores opportunities in the USA

Our colleague Matej Matijević attracted interest with his skills in video production and started a successful collaboration with some of the world's most famous DJs and music producers.

Matej called us recently from Los Angeles after another tour with the famous Croatian producer Matrod, where he explored, among other things, the options for " The City of Angels", Los Angeles, to become his permanent residence, given that the US market offers many opportunities for his career development.

In the meantime, he concluded that the time has come to show his work and business story so far through what he does best - a video.

In the video, Matej is guided by the thought "this is not my job, this is my life", and below you can see what his business trip looked like.

You can also watch his latest after movie from one of Matroda's sold-out performances in LA below

We wish our colleague a lot of success in his future career!

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