VERN' Successes


VERN' alumni

Sanja Nikolić, a graduate of VERN, is now a designer with international contracts from world famous organizations like the Louvre museum in Paris.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship Economics at VERN, Sanja, built a career as a marketing specialist, but eventually decided her talents lie in the design of the products she was marketing.

With her colleagues, Marko Mlinarić and Sandra Dujmenović, Sanja decided to embark on a private business venture, which is how BETON Design Studio was created. Among the more famous projects her agency has worked on is the typographic design of Louvre’s promotional posters and materials, which she created in collaboration with Mark Hrastovec and the Paris agency Dream On. It is worth mentioning that to get this job, Sanja’s company had to compete with several elite French designers. Her success was followed by one of the biggest prizes - the collaboration with the Louvre Museum itself. In addition, BETON design studio designed the packaging for an Istrian extra virgin olive oil Perdisacca, which was awarded gold medal for excellence across the globe. Having won several international prizes, and with 70 percent of her clients being foreign organizations, Sanja’s ambition is to continue expanding her products on the international market.

Congratulations to Sanja and her team. We wish them success in their future projects.

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