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Irena Terzic, a graduate of VERN and Westminster University, has already achieved incredible success at L'Oreal, a worldwide cosmetics and personal care company.

Rising to Loreal’s senior management position, Irena is working in a challenging and dynamic professional environment in order to help Loreal’s efforts to develop a strategy for working with luxury brands such as Armani, YSL and Valentino in the Adria region. Recently, Irena has been promoted to the position of Group Product Manager and has taken over an important business segment in team management.

Vern’s department of academic development decided to follow up with Irena to see what her next steps were after graduating from VERN.

After completing journalism studies at VERN, Irena was admitted to Westminster University, where she received a scholarship for a half a year's tuition based on her excellent academic results. After graduating with a degree in marketing and communications from Westminster University, Irena returned to Croatia in 2012. Caught in the early effects of the recession, Irena shared with us that this period of job searching taught her patience and perseverance. Soon enough, she had her lucky break by being recruited by L'Oreal in 2014, when she was given the opportunity to work as a Junior Product Manager for Yves Saint Laurent. In only two years, she was promoted to the position of Product Manager, where she spent three years, before being promoted to Group Product Manager, the position in which she is responsible for managing several major brands.

We wish Irena success in her future career and professional development!

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