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Marko Corluka

VERN's alumnus Marko Ćorluka is the director of Violeta, a regionally known company that has been among the most successful brands in the hygiene products segment for years.

In the fifteen years of its existence, Violeta has developed into one of the leading brands of premium hygiene products in the region, surpassing in some markets even global multi brand giants such as Procter & Gamble.

The beginnings were challenging and not at all easy, but they have never deviated from their basic vision - to offer the consumer a high-quality product and service. With a network of branches that includes Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and exclusive offices of some of the world's famous brands such as Ferrero, Barilla and Evian, Violeta today operates in the production segment through three factories in two locations, in Grude (BIH) and Zelina (Croatia), in which they produce a range of more than 240 own products on fifteen production lines.

We wish Marko and his team all the best future!

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